A great day spent out on the field with the Movement Crew celebrating one of their Head coaches birthday for Jacoba Academy. That is the most unselfish act to do for ones birthday in order to better the lives of others. We would just like to say we appreciate all the assistance Movement Crew have done so far for Jacoba Academy thank you to everybody involved on the day.

U12 soccer team
Receiving goodie bags for their hard work
Lunch time
Having an amazing lunch with the crew

A child without education, is like a bird with out wings. – Tibetan proverb.

The quote above is really significant to our current situation at Jacoba Academy. Jacoba Academy offers a safe environment where learners of all ages can come and get assistance with homework or have fun on the sports field playing soccer making new friends. In short Jacoba Academy uses football as its engine to drive social development either in the classroom or on the sports field.

It is extremely sad that we have not been able to get our education center back up and running since last year June, this is due to us not having a proper facility to utilize and generate the education center out of. We were at Paterson Park recreation center but that is currently under construction and not safe for our learners to be educated around the site, so until we can go back to the center we are not working on helping the learners improve in their education levels which is not good for developing the learners full capability.

We are asking anyone who has a small room, or classroom we can use in the afternoons. This has to be in walking distance from Yoville, Berea and Hillbrow as we cater for most of these learners. Please this would be a massive contribution but you would be helping us drive social development and improvement with in our community. Please help in sharing this and getting the word as far as possible.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing”. – Albert Einstein

Homework Time
Education center up and running and the boys are working hard!


Coach Josh
Coach Josh helping with revision.


Jacoba FC Homework Centre
“Tell me and I forget. teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”.


Daniel Age 7
Learning to color in the lines. Daniel 7 years of age.

Jacoba Academy NPC

Date 21st / 22nd May 2016

Well done to all the teams that took part in this weekends fixtures, there was some good competitive games played and we could see the hard work during the week paying off. Keep the boys focused coaches and make sure we prepare them well for the up and coming games.
Coach Emmanuel : ” Now in the beginning of the season is where we have to collect the most  amount of points, we strike when the other teams are unsettled”. I could not agree more, this is because we have had a very good preseason where each team played eight or more games to prepare them for the 2016 season.
Well done to all our coaches and managers for dedicating your time to the boys and getting them ready for the league. Have a look at our weekend results bellow.
Jacoba Academy NPC
Under 12      Draw
Apaa “A”   (3)         VS
  (3) Jacoba “B”
Apaa “B”   (2)         VS
  (3) Jacoba “A”
Under 13      Win
Tikkun Boys  (1)     VS
  (2) Jacoba “A”
Diaspora   (0)         VS
  (4) Jacoba “B”
Under 15      Loss
Eleven Stars  (2)    VS
(1)  Jacoba “A”
Under 17      Win
Goldwyn (1)           VS
  (3) Jacoba “B” 
Jacoba “A”             VS
Under 19      Loss
Jacoba   (0)           VS
(2)  African Stars
Seniors        Draw
Jacoba (1)             VS
  (1) Mzanzi Boys
U13 A
U13 A Team


Jacoba FC Team
Senior Team


Competition time!!!

We are looking forward to another great weekend of the Greater Mayfair Local Football Association League for the 2016 season.

The boys have been training hard by learning and implementing the skills they are being taught through small sided games and a lot of focus to detail from our coaches. This is shown through the knowledge and expertise combined with valuable playing and coaching experience which is reflected by the quality of the curriculum offered by the Jacoba Academy coaches. We have seen a massive improvement in the boys and their confidence levels have gone up since last weekends games.

We got a chance to ask one of the boys what he felt before going into this weekends games.
Tirello Babili: ” As the captain of the U13 team I wish my team the best of luck this weekend and lets bring home another win”  

Keep those spirits high over the weekend and lets go out there and show the world what we have to offer.

Jacoba Academy

Jacoba Team Spirit
Team Spirit



It was an amazing experience for our boys to feel unity through football this weekend on tour. They had an experience of a lifetime and really enjoyed themselves. Through this tour we where able to change the lives of others and make a difference in someones life that could change him forever.

When we got to Nelspruit on Friday afternoon we went to Mbombela Stadium to have a training session. The spirits where high just before we went into our first game and you could feel the boys where excited to warm up and get onto the field. On arrival at the stadium the Jacoba footballers where rejoicing in song and getting ready for a awesome training session at the Mbombela Stadium.

Our game on Saturday morning was very interesting but non the less we walked away with a 5 – 3 win, thank you to Sneakers FC and Siyadlada Academy for hosting us and good competitive games. We look forward to having you come to Jacoba Academy’s Home in the new year.

That afternoon, after our game at Ngwenyama Lodge we went for a tour of the Mbombela FIFA 2010 World Cup Stadium in Nelspruit. During the World Cup Chili used Ngwenyama Lodge as their camp, the drive we took to the stadium was the same route the buses took from the lodge to the stadium when the games where being played here in South Africa 2010. This was a great feeling for the boys as their excitement grew getting closer to the stadium and walking where football legends have walked.

At the stadium the boys really got to feel a touch of light and get a vision of their dream that will soon be a reality. This was something they will never forget. Thank you to everyone evolved in making this tour come true and for helping Jacoba Academy on their mission to drive social development.

To all our sponsors, Baobabes, Foxi snacks, Breakfast snack, FoodLovers Market, friends and family and those not mentioned, none of this would of been possible with out you, so from the team and management we’d like to thank you very much for all your support we appreciate it.

We look forward to our next trip!

Jacoba FC Stadium

Jacoba Academy

Jordan van der Walt has been a great influence with in Jacoba Academy NPC. Jordan has taken it upon himself to better the life’s of others by providing Millie Meal for most of our learners that are previously disadvantaged. This has helped in aiding our learners with food, an important part of nourishment that keeps the Jacoba learners healthy and able to play football with a full tummy.

Jordan has been nominated for  South African of the year award this is an excellent achievement for such a young student going up against big names in our community. Please vote for Jordan to help him continue to keep motivated and carry on with his project of driving social development.

Jordan’s profile shoot will be aired this evening on ANN 7, channel 405 DSTV at 6pm for South African Of the Year Award. Jacoba Academy NPC will be included in this broadcast talking about how Jordan has helped in aiding the learners of the club.

We are all wishing you the best of luck and holding thumbs for you.

Your Jacoba Family

For the win
Jordan for the win!!!!!


Jacoba Giving Back
Jacoba Academy thanks you.


“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” Henry Ford

Jacoba Academy held a team building day for our SAFA promotional squad before the starting of their league this weekend. It was a lot of fun as we got to see how players think differently off the field in all kinds of situations.

Everyone worked hard on the day and enjoyed all the obstacles they had to complete. It took team work, concentration, trust and motivation to push through and I’m glad we all supported one another to a quire those attributes. It was such a successful day and  its great to see the team spirit lifted after team building day, the boys are ready to go in winning.

Jacoba Team Building
Team Building Challenge
Team Building Challenge
Team Building Challenge
Tsepho aged 9
Tsepho aged 9

Jacoba FC

Its a beautiful day out in Johannesburg after our first springily rains. The boys are ready to train this week ahead of their weekend games. We so close to the end of the league as all our teams are sitting between 1 and 4. Good luck to the coaches and their boys, give it one big push till the end.

Jacoba Academy is playing in the GMLFA Knock-Out Cup happening in October so get focused for the up and coming tournament, to all our supporters we look forward to having you join us shouting our boys on.

Jacoba FC

Godlove 1vs1
1v1 Mosano and Godlove


Coach Dimitri
Coach Dimitri


Ready to play
Gabby ready for the game


Team Spirit
Team spirit


It was such a big week for Jacoba Academy as we finally embarked on a great movement with in the club. Our boys got their first training kit to be used daily at their leisure. This has brought uniformity to the academy and made us look like a team, together we stand. It has brought the learners closer and this is reflected in the quality of football produced at our weekend fixtures. Well done on looking professional and like real footballers.

Sindawonye Sibambelele
(Together we stand)

Proud coach
Proud Coach
Proud Coach Jacoba FC U12


Team Talk
Team talk
Thumbs up Austin



What a awesome day it was for our boys to receive such nice gifts from Mrs Frost, a mother from Pridwin Prep School giving back to the community and helping drive social development. Mrs Frost has a son called Oliver that loves being apart of the Academy and making new friends. These are the type of morals all learners should be brought up with, giving back to those less fortunate.

Its people like this that keep us motivated to keep on doing the work we do as it benefits the lives of previously disadvantaged learners.

Thank you so much for all the effort that has gone into making our boys smile.

Jacoba FC

Lucky Boys
Big smiles as they receive their happy lucky packets



Oliver as team captain enjoying the world cup tournament