Pureau Water Quenches Jacoba Academies Thirst


On behalf of Jacoba Academy NPC I would like to thank you for sponsoring our outreach development football team. 
Your support will open many new opportunities for these young men as well as help develop their football skills. Your contribution will enable them to participate in highly distinguished tournaments and fixtures.  These events will broaden their discipline and character, on and off the field, which is invaluable to their future endeavours. As you can imagine, there are many expenses involved in managing a team like Jacoba FC. Your sponsorship will provide towards the logistical problem Jacoba FC face.
Without the support of people like you, we would not be able to reach our goals. Thank you once again for your generous support of our team. We look forward to strengthening the relationship between Jacoba Academy and Pureau Water Co.
 We are genuinely grateful for your thoughtfulness.

‘ Sindawonye Sibambelele ‘
(Together we stand) 

Jacoba FC 


Team Photo and a Thumbs up for Pureau Fresh Water CO. 

Sindawonye Sibambelele (Together we Stand) 
Our Learner studying in our education center staying hydrated with fresh Pureau Water

Playing in the High Performance League U16 Jacoba FC  (Blue) 

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