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Jordan van der Walt has been a great influence with in Jacoba Academy NPC. Jordan has taken it upon himself to better the life’s of others by providing Millie Meal for most of our learners that are previously disadvantaged. This has helped in aiding our learners with food, an important part of nourishment that keeps the Jacoba learners healthy and able to play football with a full tummy.

Jordan has been nominated for  South African of the year award this is an excellent achievement for such a young student going up against big names in our community. Please vote for Jordan to help him continue to keep motivated and carry on with his project of driving social development.

Jordan’s profile shoot will be aired this evening on ANN 7, channel 405 DSTV at 6pm for South African Of the Year Award. Jacoba Academy NPC will be included in this broadcast talking about how Jordan has helped in aiding the learners of the club.

We are all wishing you the best of luck and holding thumbs for you.

Your Jacoba Family

For the win
Jordan for the win!!!!!


Jacoba Giving Back
Jacoba Academy thanks you.


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