November Nelspruit tour 2015

It was an amazing experience for our boys to feel unity through football this weekend on tour. They had an experience of a lifetime and really enjoyed themselves. Through this tour we where able to change the lives of others and make a difference in someones life that could change him forever.

When we got to Nelspruit on Friday afternoon we went to Mbombela Stadium to have a training session. The spirits where high just before we went into our first game and you could feel the boys where excited to warm up and get onto the field. On arrival at the stadium the Jacoba footballers where rejoicing in song and getting ready for a awesome training session at the Mbombela Stadium.

Our game on Saturday morning was very interesting but non the less we walked away with a 5 – 3 win, thank you to Sneakers FC and Siyadlada Academy for hosting us and good competitive games. We look forward to having you come to Jacoba Academy’s Home in the new year.

That afternoon, after our game at Ngwenyama Lodge we went for a tour of the Mbombela FIFA 2010 World Cup Stadium in Nelspruit. During the World Cup Chili used Ngwenyama Lodge as their camp, the drive we took to the stadium was the same route the buses took from the lodge to the stadium when the games where being played here in South Africa 2010. This was a great feeling for the boys as their excitement grew getting closer to the stadium and walking where football legends have walked.

At the stadium the boys really got to feel a touch of light and get a vision of their dream that will soon be a reality. This was something they will never forget. Thank you to everyone evolved in making this tour come true and for helping Jacoba Academy on their mission to drive social development.

To all our sponsors, Baobabes, Foxi snacks, Breakfast snack, FoodLovers Market, friends and family and those not mentioned, none of this would of been possible with out you, so from the team and management we’d like to thank you very much for all your support we appreciate it.

We look forward to our next trip!

Jacoba FC Stadium

Jacoba Academy

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